Fourth Biorock Workshop
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We got fish! Snapper City!

Welcome to Biorock® Technology Thailand

We are a small group consisting mainly of volunteers conducting coral reef restoration, coral nursery, and fishery aggregate projects in South East Asia. This organization is an affiliate group of the Global Coral Reef Alliance, a non-profit 501(c) 3 environmental protection agency dedicated to the preservation or coral reef ecosystems.

Biorock Thailand primarily operates as a non-profit group conducting activities which include community based efforts,educational activities and environment awareness programs at a grass-root level. A number of commercial solutions ranging from shoreline protection, to ecological tourist attraction sites are available on request.

Originating as a volunteer group focused on the Koh Samui Fishery Habitat and Coral Reef Restoration Project in 2005 we have since expanded our efforts to other countries in South East Asia. To date, we have constructed and maintain projects in Thailand, Indonesia, The Philippines, and Malaysia.

BiorockŪ restoration projects exist in over 20 countries worldwide. BiorockŪ Technology is the only known method which features an expanding CaC03 substrate, is capable of self repair, excels in passive shoreline protection, attracts natural larval settlement and juvenile fish populations, sustains and accelerates coral growth while at the same time provides protective buffering against anthropogenic factors.

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